Who Else Wants To Get Motivated To Lose Weight and Do It In The Easiest Way Possible?

From: JoLynn Braley The F.A.T. Release Coach
Friday 3:00 pm

Re: "How Processed Food Is Keeping You Fat:
Get Conscious to Gain Natural Motivation to Get Healthy and Lose Weight"

Dear Friend,

Have you ever wondered where your motivation to lose weight went?

Do you eat like I used to eat (which is how most overweight folks eat) mainly for taste and convenience?

Do you normally try forcing yourself to lose weight but it never really sticks?

Besides your overweight concerns, maybe you have children and you want to give them only the healthiest foods, but you've never really investigated exactly what's in the food you're feeding them?


Well I know how confusing it can be, with all of the television commercials telling you things like, "High fructose corn syrup is GOOD for you!" and then reading horror stories online about what those processed food ingredients are doing to the nation's health, and weight.

I also know what it's like to be completely unconscious about what's in that food you're eating, being driven only by taste and convenience, and still wondering why you aren't losing weight, while being in the dark about the truth. 

"Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index shows that 63.1% of adults in the U.S. were either overweight or obese in 2009." 

                                                                                                                          ~ WebMd.com

Here’s a truth:

JoLynn Braley Weight Loss Mindset Expert

I know how addictive processed foods can be and I also know how they can keep you fat. I've been there myself, addicted and overweight but unable to stop eating even more of that oh-so-tasty processed food that is so easy to find in any grocery store today, and let's not forget the fast food drive-throughs and convenience stores!

Today, being a weight loss mindset expert and mentoring my coaching clients through what is 90% of their challenge in dropping the fat and keeping it off (it's your mindset), at the same time I would never suggest to anyone personally or professionally, that they ingest food loaded with all kinds of "gunk". The gunk that is found in today's processed food environment.

While it is true that your thoughts create your body and your life (what you think, you become) at the same time it would not make any sense to suggest (for example) that one take heroin while thinking the thoughts, "Heroin is good for me!". That just doesn't make sense, does it!

Why should it be any different when it comes to processed food? What about the fast food cocktail that has been compared to heroin, because it creates the same kind of chemical reaction in the body? 

What about the studies that have been done that show how certain processed food ingredients affect the brain just like cocaine does?

"The way we eat has changed more in the past 40 years than in the previous 40,000." 

                                                                                                                          ~ Eric Schlosser

Conscious Choices

Now please don't misunderstand, I'm not saying that anyone is going to die today from processed food, fast food (which is also processed food), or from processed food ingredients. But what you might want to consider is educating yourself today on exactly what you are putting into your body, and also what's in that food you are offering to your family.

Why do it today? Because you want to get conscious so that you can get healthy and lose weight, correct? You don't want to put off knowing one moment longer, do you.You don't want to stay in the dark.

What happens over time when you continue to put those additives, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners in your system?

Why has research shown such a huge increase in neurological disorders since the onslaught of the processed food industry over the past 50 years?

What if you were to choose to educate yourself so that you will then be consciously choosing what you put into your body? Why do you need to take action to educate yourself? Because the processed food manufacturers, the government, or the grocery store are not going to do it for you. Their main goal is to keep you hooked on their food, so that you keep on coming back for more...and more.

If you don't educate yourself then not only is it extremely easy to gain weight and stay overweight in today's processed food environment, but also you don't even know exactly what you're doing to your health, and the health of your family (if you have one).

But oh....it all tastes so good, doesn't it...and it's really hard to stop eating, isn't it. Putting emotional eating aside, why is it so hard to stop eating that processed food?

The Risks of Staying In The Dark...Frustrated and Fat (It doesn't have to be like this!)

Is it possible that because you're eating processed foods, that you're taking in ingredients that are "gunking up" your system?

Have you ever considered that processed food is keeping you fat?

And besides the current Obesity Epidemic, what about your health? Maybe you don't have a weight problem, but you're wondering why you don't have any energy after eating those processed foods that taste oh-so-good?

It's one thing to KNOW what you're eating and to consciously CHOOSE to eat it. 

It's one thing to Choose to eat processed foods once in awhile.

It's one thing to be eating processed foods every day and know that they are contributing to your weight problem, or energy problem, or health problems.

It's one thing to Choose to feed your family processed foods when you know exactly what's in that food you're eating.

But it's an entirely different story to stay in the dark eating heavily processed foods each day, and "just trusting" that because it's for sale on the grocery shelf, then "It must be good for you".

How much research has been done on the impact of those processed food ingredients over time?

Why is autism so prevalent today and why are there so many stories of mothers (actress and comedian Jenny McCarthy comes to mind) who have helped their child's health condition by changing the food they feed them? Specially, getting off of most of the processed gunk....

"Let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food." 

                                                                         ~ Hippocrates

When YOU put yourself at choice and educate yourself on what's in the food you're eating, then YOU are consciously choosing what you're eating, and what you are feeding your family.

Stay in the dark and who knows what your results will be. Is it really worth it?

Aren't you worth more than this? Doesn't your body (which is your vehicle here this Earth) deserve more than your unconscious food choices? How can you thrive in your business, your career, your relationships, and your LIFE when you feel like crap in your body? 

Is it possible that any of that crappy feeling in your body could be about what you are feeding your body? 

Is it possible that there's a reason why you can turn in any direction today and see overweight people but it wasn't like this 50 years ago and prior?

Choice is Always Better than No Choice

When you choose to educate yourself about what those ingredients are on the ingredients label (not the nutrition information,  but the list of hard-to-pronounce processed food ingredients that follows the word "INGREDIENTS" on the label) then YOU get to make your best choices regarding the food you feed yourself and your family.

But when you stay in the dark, what kind of a chance are you giving yourself? How do you know what all of those ingredients are if you've never learned exactly what they are? Especially, when you think you're buying a product that doesn't contain MSG (for example) because you don't see "MSG" on the label, but you don't know that MSG is disguised under numerous names! 

Yes, the FDA allows MSG to not be labeled as MSG unless it's 100% monosodium glutamate. This is just one example of what you don't know when it comes to processed food ingredients labels. 

But All of That Research....Who Has The Time?

You're right, it does take a great deal of time to research and figure out exactly what those processed food ingredients are that you've been wondering about. 

To research what they have been shown to do to the body (and your brain), and how many different names they are disguised under and hidden in. (Did you know that MSG is found in more than 40 different ingredients, and they are NOT labeled as MSG?)

Who has the time? To read 5 to 10 books, watch dvds, scour the Internet, and research documents to get the nitty gritty on these processed food ingredients that the processed food manufacturers really don't want you to know about. 

I know! It took me over a year to do the research that I've put into the eBook I invite you to grab for yourself today. 

Why not save yourself the time, money, and energy of hunting down everything that I've already made available for you in one handy dandy eBook. Especially if you have a job, a family, if you have a life you'd rather be living instead of digging up research online and in books about processed food ingredients.

Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while you read your eBook and educate yourself about what's really in that food you've been eating, and save yourself the expense of having to do what's already been done for you!

I've even included extra resources if you want to go further and and learn even more than what is already packed into this eBook. The important information is covered in the eBook so that you can be an informed, educated consumer (and eater!) not only for yourself, but also for your family.

Conscious vs. Unconscious

In order to become conscious about exactly what you are putting into your body (and putting on the dinner table for your family) you must educate yourself. Trust me, the processed food manufacturers and fast food manufacturers are not going to help you with this! They prefer that you stay hooked on their tasty processed food, made tasty with the high levels of corn sugars, MSG, and the like!

No, you can't wait for the processed food manufacturers clean up their act. Who knows how many lifetimes that could take, if it ever happens? Instead, you've got to take matters into your own hands. But then, you've got to do a lot of digging to get the Real Info. Here's just one example of what will happen if you don't: 

You'll read the Ingredients Label of a food item on the store shelf and when you don't see the letters MSG on the label you'll think that there isn't any MSG in it. Little do you know, MSG masquerades under forty plus different names! Manufacturers are not required to list the specific letters MSG unless the ingredient is 100% monosodium glutamate. It's even legal for the manufacturer to state "NO MSG" on the label, when in actuality, there are other ingredients in the product that are less than 100% MSG! So, an ingredient could be 80% MSG and doesn't have to be labeled as MSG.

You don't know these things though, unless you really get down to business and do your research. And the good news is, you don't have to do what I've already done for you and take a year or more to figure all of this out!

Yes, I've already put it together for you right here in this eBook "What's In That Food You're Eating?" and I've also included extra resources for recommended reading if you really want to get into it and read all of the books that took me years to read.

Not to worry, it's all listed in the eBook. But you don't have to read all of those books. My eBook will give you the most important data you need so that you can navigate those Ingredients Labels like a pro.

OK, How Do I Get This Valuable Info Pronto?

You can instantly download "How Processed Food Is Keeping You Fat" after you purchase. Just click the button below this sentence to skip to the bottom of this page and order now!

Here are some highlights of what you will learn:

  • Which ingredient keeps you eating after your stomach is full (dangerous for your weight!)
  • What's really in that honey you've been buying?
  • Which two ingredients, when combined, make it very hard for you to stop eating (these are very common in processed foods)
  • Why a processed food label that states “sugar free” may not be.
  • What you need to look for if you want to eat (and feed your family) food that really is sugar-free!
  • The ingredient that could be contributing to your stomach upsets and your overweight
  • How to figure out for yourself whether certain ingredients are good for your body
  • One hard-to-pronounce ingredient that cancer cannot live without (proven in 1976)
  • Learn the details of how the wide-spread use of HFCS began in the United States (and what REALLY drives its continued use in processed foods)

“The food supply has changed more in the past 40 years than in the past 40,000 years.” 
~ Eric Schlosser

But What About Mindset and Universal Laws?

Don't Do What I Did!If you are familiar with my message then you know I'm all about mindset and getting in alignment with the body of your dreams on the inside (where 90% of your challenge is) so that you can easily live healthy and fit on the outside.

My message has not changed.

And, there are two way to go about making healthier changes:

1.) Change your diet to match your beliefs

2.) Change your beliefs to match your diet.

#1 is what this eBook will help you with. No, this eBook is not a diet or a diet plan. It's an education so that you can Get Conscious about exactly what you're putting into your body and then if you choose to make changes in what you choose to eat, you can choose to get healthy.

But even if you choose to keep eating as you are now, at least you will be conscious of what you are choosing to eat.

#2 is the work that I do with my coaching clients in The Inner Self Diet™, although when my clients experience core transformation on the inside, they naturally gravitate to the healthier foods on the outside anyway.

So why am I offering you this eBook today about How Processed Food Is Making You Fat when I'm a weight loss mindset expert, and diet and exercise is only 10% of the solution?

Because it's a step towards one of the necessary ingredients of a weight loss mindset: Accepting full, personal responsibility for yourself, your body, and your life, which includes what you are putting in your mouth.

This leads to Empowerment, which is the space you'll want to be if you truly wish to take full control of your body and mind (you can after all, only control YOU). But without education of the wily ways of processed food ingredients, without KNOWING exactly what you are choosing to put in your mouth, then you are NOT empowered. You are in victim mode. This is the mode of giving your power away to the grocery stores, to the government, to whoever buys your food. 

This is the place that millions of overweight folks live in daily, always waiting for "something out there" to change so that they can lose weight.

Don't do This To Yourself!

You've got an opportunity to educate yourself in my thoroughly researched eBook, which includes a full resource guide if you'd like to read all of the books I read over YEARS, as well as hard to find Internet links which provide you with even more data to back up why Processed Food Is Keeping You Fat and most importantly, the impact it's having on Your HEALTH.

Now you could go out and take a year or three to gather all of the data, read all of the books and decipher all of the data like I did. Sure you can! You can start at your public library in fact. 

But where exactly will you start? Do you even know what to look for? And why would you take that route, when you could invest a couple of dollars in yourself to grab my eBook and get on the road to getting conscious today?

Why is it that people will spend thousands of dollars to make their car look bright and shiny, but they balk at spending a couple of dollars on an education to keep their Most Important Vehicle of their lives running? (that vehicle: your body)

Why is it that you would never think twice about spending 50 dollars and more at the grocery store for processed food that is oh-so-tasty but then hesitate to invest only a few dollars in getting conscious about What's IN that food you're eating?

Good questions!

Here’s what I discovered:

In order to get conscious about what I was eating I had to start by educating myself. I read a bunch of books, spent months researching, and I was amazed at how wide my eyes were opened about what's REALLY in that processed food. 

In order to make better choices I had to learn what to look for on the ingredients labels. Heck, I never even used to read them! I ate only for taste and convenience, and my weight showed it!

In order to save time I had to read the books that experts had already written (thankfully you get to save even more time than I did because you can get the most important points from my eBook, to learn how processed food is keeping you fat).

YOU can get conscious too, and it doesn't have to be a "big deal". I invite you to even consider this: What if you were to not making any changes in how you eat and just read my eBook? See what happens when you learn exactly what's in that food you've been eating (and feeding your family, if you have a family). 

So What Will I Learn in this eBook?

You'll learn what's really in that processed food you've been eating (and feeding your family).

You'll learn what the processed food industry really doesn't want you to know. Why don't they want you to know? Because the ingredients they use are highly addictive, and as long as you're hooked, you'll keep on coming back for more.

You'll learn the most common ingredients that are used in processed food that make it taste good but can also cause all kinds of health problems over time, that you probably aren't aware of today. 

How Processed Food Is Keeping You Fat Ebook

You'll learn how processed food is keeping you fat, which ingredients interfere with the messages between your stomach and your brain, and you'll also learn where to go if you really want to get into this topic. You'll get my full resource list of all of the books I read when researching and the eBook is loaded with online links you can go to immediately to read all kinds of details and data to back up what's in this eBook, if you'd like to dive into the full data.

You'll learn that the processed food industry is built on taste and why processed food can be just as addictive as cocaine or heroin.

Most importantly, you'll get conscious by educating yourself and if you still choose to eat a diet consisting of mainly processed food, as least you'll be making conscious choices for yourself and your family. Choice is always better than no choice!


Only $37.00 $24.99
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"JoLynn always produces high-quality services and products"

  ~ Carol M.

Purchase now and Get Started on Your Education in How Processed Food Is Keeping You Fat

I am so confident that you will learn exactly what's in that food you've been eating and why processed food has been keeping you fat that I'm happy to provide you with a 30-day money back guarantee.

But I'm super confident you'll love it, you'll educate yourself, and you'll Get Conscious so that you can make the conscious choices that will benefit you (and your family) in achieving not only the best health, but also the high vitality that comes from living in a body that is functioning without the gunk of those processed food ingredients. Just watch how you are naturally inspired to make changes in how you eat, just by educating yourself on what's REALLY going on in that food you've been eating.

Do send us a testimonial to tell us about your shifts!

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  • I understand that this eBook is potentially worth thousands when I consider the long term health benefits (and costs I can avoid) but I'm grabbing this information for pennies to help myself get conscious to get healthy and be wise and informed.
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  • I understand that the eBook "How Processed Food Is Keeping You Fat" is not a diet. It's an education so that I can begin to make conscious choices for my health and my weight. Until I educate myself, I don't even know what's in that food that is keeping me fat!
  • I understand that I could easily spend this much in one day on food, on coffee, at lunch, at the grocery store, and on snacks without blinking an eye. Instead I am consciously choosing to invest just those few dollars into ME today to help educate myself and positively impact the most important vehicle I have on this Earth: My body.

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"Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index shows that 63.1% of adults in the U.S. were either overweight or obese in 2009." 

                                                                         ~ WebMd.com

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Q: JoLynn, why are you offering an eBook about processed food when you're a weight loss mindset expert? Why not an eBook about mindset?

    A: This is a great question and here's why: There are numerous, necessary ingredients that make up a core, weight loss mindset. One of those necessary ingredients is accepting full personal responsibility for all that you create in your mind, your body, and your life. This includes taking full responsibility for what you are putting in your mouth.

    This eBook is a step in the direction of taking full responsibility for what you are putting in your mouth but first you need to educate yourself about WHAT you're putting in your mouth (the processed food industry is NOT going to make that easy for you) so that you know what you're taking responsibility for!

    When you educate yourself on exactly what's in the food you've been eating, you are choosing to get conscious. This is a positive step in the direction of accepting full, personal responsibility for yourself, which is a place of true empowerment.

Q: Can't I find all of this information on my own about how processed food is keeping me fat?

    A:  You probably could but the question to ask yourself is, "What is my time worth to me?"

    It took me over two years to fully research the information included in this eBook but if you don't have a family, a career, or anything else going on, you might be able to read all of the books and do all of the Internet research in 6 months. But then again, if you don't have a career, then you're probably spending 24/7 looking for a job, so you still might not have time to dedicate to the research I've already done for you. Why not make it easy on yourself and save yourself the time that I've already put into it?

Q: But what about the Universal Laws you speak about JoLynn? Aren't I supposed to be able to eat whatever kind of food that I want and still be slim?

    A: It is true that if you are in inner alignment with health and fitness on the outside, then you can pretty much eat anything and have an easy time of living healthy and fit. But this would apply if you have already done the work on what is 90% of the challenge: Your Inner Self, your mindset. This is the core work that I do with my coaching clients in The Inner Self Diet™.

    This eBook is a step in the direction of 1.) Raising your consciousness 2.) Educating yourself about what's IN the food you've been eating and 3.) Moving away from expecting the government, the grocery store, or anyone else to "keep you safe" and instead, making your own choices based on the education you give yourself.

    And here's one more thing: Even though I mentor my coaching clients in how to take full control of their mind and emotions so that they can release all of their unhealthy behaviors and achieve permanent weight loss, I would never suggest that a person "think positive" and go do heroin. That just wouldn't make sense, would it. And when you educate yourself about exactly what's in that food you've been eating, you can make your own determination about the studies that have been done in how the brain reacts to common processed food ingredients in the same way that heroin and cocaine do (links to research studies, data and resources are in my eBook).

    We ARE living on a physical Earth plane and there are some practical, mundane things to attend to if you want to live in optimal health. What if the struggle-free direction is to just make it EASIER for your body to thrive, because of what you choose to feed it?

Q: Is the eBook "How Processed Food Is Keeping You Fat" a diet?

    A: No, this eBook is an education. It's an opportunity for you to get conscious so that you can consciously choose what you are eating and what you are feeding your family. And while this eBook is not a diet, you'll be surprised at the natural inspiration you just might feel to make healthier choices once you learn what's IN that food you've been eating, and how processed food has been keeping you fat!

    I invite you to read the eBook, investigate the research studies, reports, and data I provide you, and do all of this without trying to make yourself change. Just read, and see what you are inspired to do next! If you're anything like me, you might find yourself thinking twice, or three or four times, before buying some of those foods you buy so easily today and instead, putting them back on the shelf!

Only $37.00 $24.99
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JoLynn BraleyJoLynn knows what it feels like to struggle with your weight, she's been there herself! This is why she is so passionate about helping others break free of their struggles with food and their weight.

JoLynn Braley is a certified Master NLP Pracitioner and a certified professional coach. JoLynn is professionally certified as a life coach, a consciousness shifting coach, and a law of attraction coach. JoLynn founded The Inner Self Diet™, her proprietary, proven, step-by-step mentoring system to permanent weight loss which combines her lifetime of metaphysical studies, her Master NLP skills, her coaching skills, and her intuitive abilities.

JoLynn mentors her clients personally through the proven steps of The Inner Self Diet to help them put all of their ongoing food and weight struggles behind them, whether that is emotional eating, binge eating, compulsive overeating, negative self-talk, yo-yo dieting, self-sabotage and more. JoLynn works in real-time with her clients to lead them through core-transformation processes to heal the root of their lifelong food and weight struggles. JoLynn's proprietary system uses a combination of NLP, LOA (law of attraction and Universal Laws) and her own intuitive coaching abilities.

JoLynn is also the host of a weekly iTunes podcast, The JoLynn Braley Show, on which she goes beyond the food to the REAL issue: your mindset. JoLynn is known as The F.A.T. Release Coach and as a weight loss mindset teaches that your mindset is 90% of your challenge when it comes to achieving permanent weight loss. Diet and exercise is only 10% of the solution. If it's difficult for you to do the 10% then you know you have a mindset issue.

With programs, products and services designed to serve you in stepping into the driver's seat of Your Own Life, while weight loss is how JoLynn's coaching clients find her, they quickly learn that food and exercise is only 10% of the solution. 90% of the game of success (in any area of life) is mindset. 

Since January 2013, JoLynn has been the host of a weekly iTunes podcast, The JoLynn Braley Show. On the show, JoLynn goes beyond the food to the REAL issue: your mindset. JoLynn believes that there is more than enough information readily available out there regarding nutrition and exercise, but what good does that do you if you are unable to stay motivated to use it? This is how you know you have a mindset issue: when you already know how to live healthy and fit, but you are not doing it. JoLynn's intention is to provide the truth about weight loss, instead of providing false claims and hopes that cannot produce results.   

“The road to someday leads to the town of nowhere” 
~ Tony Robbins

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